My services include child care, birth, aftercare, breastfeeding, babies,  as well as follow-up during the beginning phases.


In addition to your usual preventive medical check-up with your ob/gyn, I offer home visits during your pregnancy and in the first 8 weeks after birth, which is provided by your insurance company. During our visits, I will spend time to discuss with you your wishes and ideas regarding the birth and the following life with the newborn. I bring 30 years of experience, patience, an open ear and heart with. You can speak with me about your troubles and anxieties as related to your pregnancy and birth and together perhaps we can reduce them. If you are pregnant and are interested in care, please give me a call. This will give us a chance to discuss your questions about pregnancy, birth, midwifery and any other questions you may have. I look forward with you on your child (share your happiness) and will try hard to care you until his birth and after it as good as possible.

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Meet Ute

Ute Jöck-Mroncz
Midwife in Mannheim

I have been working as a midwife since 1979, attaining 30 years experience in women’s health, birthing and aftercare. In 1981, I took my state examination as a licensed nurse-midwife. My career as a midwife started at the Good Shepherd Hospital in Ludwigshafen. My field of activity included all around the birth: CTG-controls, courses for preparation for delivery, obstetrics, babycare, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

In the last 20 years, I have worked in freelance teaching courses for preparation for delivery in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen making housevisits before and after the birth. In addition to my freelance work, I work with a gynaecologist in preventive medical care for pregnant woman in Mannheim. I currently live in Mannheim and have one son. I am passionate about the arts and enjoys spending my free time painting with oils and acrylics.

Baby’s Room

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